KOF Live HOUSE OF NO BULLSHIII…is an extended stay weight loss boot camp facilitated by the KING OF FITNESS.

    KOF Live HOUSE OF NO BULLSHIII gives clients the life changing opportunity to LOCK IN on their health and weight loss and secure their revenge body with King of Fitness and KOF LIVE.

    This expertly curated program strips you of old habits and pushes you past comfort to step into a new mindset, a new dedication and of course a NEW BODY.


    • Check In & Out Dates are SET DATES. Purchase the date that you want to check in. Check In Sunday Check Out Saturdays
    • Client is responsible for transportation to and from Atlanta. airport pickup/drop off provided
    • Workout schedule subject to change. includes in gym, and virtual workouts
    • Room Mate Style Living w/ House Manager on site
    After you have completed purchase you will be contacted within 24-48hrs to complete registration for your stay and complete your entrance interview and wellness consultation.

    Once you confirm a date and move into the home your purchase is NON REFUNDABLE. If you break any house rules you will be asked to leave and your payment is forfeited.